Fucoidan and its effectiveness on Osteoarthritis

What is Fucus vesiculosus? Fucus vesiculosus is a northern hemisphere algal species found in intertidal zones, commonly known as “bladderwrack”. It is one of the marine algae that has been…
Fucoidan and its effectiveness on osteoarthritis

Kirra Balmanno: Running & Prevention

How did you get into running and what drives you? Running ultras was a natural progression from the joy that came with running as a kid and a way to…
Kirra Balmanno running

What is best for the knee

The knee is a sophisticated part of the body, consisting of ligaments, shock absorbers and sliding layers that provide vital support on a daily basis. Whether we walk, jump or…
Was dem Knie gut tut

Climbing: a sport to be discovered

Climbing is a great sport, a mixture of hard work and sweat, but at the end of the day, once you reach the top, it gives you a great feeling…
Climbing: a sport to be discovered

Trail running: Benefits & Advices

Trail running is a very complete sport. As well as training various parts of the body such as the legs and lower back, it also offers considerable psychological and social…
trail running: Benefits & advices, tips and tricks from Kirra Balmanno