What is best for the knee

Was dem Knie gut tut

The knee is a sophisticated part of the body, consisting of ligaments, shock absorbers and sliding layers that provide vital support on a daily basis. Whether we walk, jump or climb stairs, the knee bears all the time our body weight. This makes it even more important to support the joints sustainably and consciously.


In principle, a healthy knee benefits from any kind of exercise, because playing sports strengthens the leg muscles, which relieves the knee. Activities that are particularly good for the knee include cycling, swimming, walking and hiking. The stronger the leg muscles, the lower the contact forces and thus the less wear and tear.

“If the sports bag is already packed in the hallway, you don’t have to think twice”.

For the damaged joint

In the case of acute inflammation and sports injuries that have not healed, the knee absolutely needs rest. If, on the other hand, chronic complaints such as incipient arthrosis are present, exercise helps to supply the joint with essential nutrients. Those affected should use forms of exercise that are easy on the joints, and support regeneration with a balanced supply of nutrients.

According to the current state of research, ACTEN has developed a clinically tested combination of nutrients for joints. The patented composition stimulates the formation of cartilage tissue and sustainably supports the reduction of inflammation and swelling.


Enjoying physical activity

A common mistake is to aim too high. If they are not achieved, frustration is imminent. Therefore, do not set your expectations and demands too high.

There is no point in perceiving sport as an activity that you do for the sake of your health. An important driver is the sense of achievement, the small plans for the near future, which you have implemented with pride.

Bewegung - Was den Knie gut tut

Waiting does not bring much

In the early stages, the damage to the joint usually goes unnoticed and arthrosis cannot recede.

But the atrophy can be slowed down.

The patented combination of nutrients in ACTEN promotes the activation of cartilage-forming cells. This stimulates the synthesis of new articular cartilage tissue and thus promotes the possible formation of new cartilage tissue.

Was den Knie gut tut

A whole new feeling of life

Typical joint pain initially occurs intermittently and mainly during physical exertion; later, this pain becomes more frequent and more severe.

Pain down. Performance up.

ACTEN has succeeded in developing a natural alternative for heavily stressed joints, providing more mobility and long-term performance.

Was dem Knie gut tut
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