ACTEN revitalizes

Quality and precision. That's already in our Swiss blood. We want to help people move forward. ACTEN stands for high quality, science and attention to detail.

Everything we do, we do out of conviction. We believe in helping others and believe that mother nature has all the answers to our questions. We live innovation and ensure transparency.

We firmly believe that injuries or overworked joints should not prevent you from achieving your goals. With ACTEN, we want to help you experience many exciting, challenging, fulfilling – and above all painless – moments.

The Superhero from Switzerland

In search of a revolutionary formula that not only combats symptoms, but actively contributes to the joints’ vitality and health, we have analyzed various combinations of natural and scientifically based ingredients. In close cooperation with doctors and scientists, we have finally succeeded in uniting the numerous benefits of brown algae and collagen peptides – in our highly effective gel supplement. Think of it as your very own superhero team.

We are particularly proud to have developed ACTEN, an effective alternative to painkillers and injections. With ACTEN, we rely on high-quality and natural active ingredients that we can trace back all the way to their origin.


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