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Make Every Day a Surfing Day

Maybe you’re an up-and-comer driven to sharpen your craft or a professional at the top of your game looking to score that perfect 10 – in any case, surfing defines you. When you’re sitting on your board in the lineup, rigging up your sail or pumping up your kite, all is good in the world. The ocean is an amazing place, a tremendous outlet for stress and tension. Cardio, balance, flexibility and strength – these are just some of the benefits the big blue provides.


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Don't let your aches pull you down - take Acten

As a surfer, you understand the tremendous amount of physical exertion involved, and it’s no secret that all that paddling can take its toll. Epic wipeouts or out-of-control kites can cause additional stress or even injury to your joints and muscles. Rotator cuff issues and spine injuries are common, and are always keeping someone you know on the sidelines – all amped up with no place to go. Tackling frustrating nerve and joint pain is what our healing HYDROIDAN PRO Joint Formula does best.

Where There’s a Wave, There’s a Way!

Created to revitalize and rejuvenate, you will be back chasing those monster waves again in no time. In ACTEN, there are three powerful enzyme-activating, body-restoring ingredients at work: collagen peptides, vitamin C and brown seaweed from Nova Scotia, Canada. These active ingredients target inflammation, boost the immune system and allow you to be the healthy, agile, fluid, powerful and freewheelin’ surfer you are when at your best.