Streuli Pharma 150 Years Anniversary

Streuli Pharma – for more than 150 years.

The name Streuli has stood for quality in the Swiss pharmaceutical market for over 150 years. Combined with their know-how and investments in the latest technologies, their location in Switzerland forms the basis of their high-quality medicines. As a Swiss company, they have a responsibility to society, the health system.

The majority of their products are still produced at their location in Uznach, including ACTEN.

The many years of experience and their passion for pharmaceutical products are important success factors, which are also expressed in the development and production of ACTEN.

Produced in Switzerland

“If you stop trying to get better, you stop being good.”, Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830–1916). It is their goal to keep pace with technological developments. Through continuous investment in the latest technologies, their entire product range has achieved today’s quality standard.

Streuli Pharma Manufactur in Uznach Switzerland
Streuli Pharma Production

Streuli’s documented control and evaluation procedures are not limited to intermediate and end products, all raw materials and packaging materials are also subjected to precise controls. Today, around 200 employees guarantee quality assurance at all production levels, constantly expanding their know-how and acquiring the latest industry knowledge through regular training and further education.
The Streuli products are manufactured, controlled and handed over to the trade in Switzerland.

The future will always bring new technologies to light. “We will not stop trying to get better!”