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Born to Run

Running is a great way to get fit and feel better. The art of putting one foot in front of another is so simple, rumor has it, all it takes is a comfortable pair of shoes. However, running delivers myriad health benefits for the body and mind. Whether it’s a relaxed jog in the morning, a half marathon or even ultrarunning – it’s a fix, a distraction, a focus, a profession, and a lifeline for many around the world.


Everyday for

Everyday for

Don't let your aches pull you down - take Acten

The key to feeling that runner’s high, that race-day excitement, and continuing to build your confidence and inner strength, is to stay fit and healthy. However, injuries, such as runner’s knee and osteoarthritis, can seem determined to keep you on the sidelines – this is exactly where ACTEN comes into play.

Stay Active with ACTEN

ACTEN can help. It contains scientifically substantiated, highly effective ingredients such as collagen peptides, which are critical in maintaining joint health. A gift for muscles and cartilage that have been overworked and strained while you were out on the road – getting after it. A carefully crafted product from Switzerland, ACTEN strengthens your immune system, reduces inflammation and, above all, keeps you feeling as pain free as possible.