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Put an end to tired joints

You’ve had problems with your joints before, or you just want to make sure that your body has the best possible fuel to push full throttle? The “why” doesn't matter – what's important is that ACTEN's revolutionary HYDROIDAN® PRO formula provides your joints with the essential nutrients needed to keep you pain-free in the long run.

The active ingredients in ACTEN target inflammation and boost the immune system. Brown algae extract and collagen hydrolysate provide the nutrients necessary for healthy cartilage. Vitamin C and zinc additionally strengthen your bones and the elasticity of your cartilage.

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The concentrated power of natural active ingredients

ACTEN combines the concentrated power of the HYDROIDAN® PRO formula in an innovative gel that not only tastes deliciously of lemon, but also ensures that your body is able to absorb the active nutrients more effectively. A big difference to supplements in pills or liquid form, whose ingredients are destroyed by the stomach acid. Thanks to ACTEN's special gel matrix, your body can get the maximum out of vitamin C, zinc & co.

It couldn’t be simpler

Thanks to the practical gel sachets, ACTEN is super easy to use. Perfectly pre-portioned, you don't have to worry about the right amount. Simply open the sachet and enjoy directly.

To make sure to get the best out of our HYDROIDAN PRO formula, you should take ACTEN daily - preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. Feel free to combine ACTEN with other dietary supplements. But only as a small reminder: With ACTEN you already cover 100% of the recommended daily requirement of vitamin C and zinc.

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The science bit

ACTEN was originally designed to speed up the regeneration process of top athletes and reduce their time on the sidelines. Since then, the revolutionary effect of the HYDROIDAN® PRO formula has not only been scientifically proven but has also been confirmed by many professional and amateur athletes who have already made ACTEN a regular fixture in their daily routine.

For all those who want to know the details, you can download the supplement fact sheet here.

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