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The invention relates to a composition of collagen hydrolysate and fucoidan, providing beneficial effects on joints.


Articular cartilage is a thin covering of a highly specialized connective tissue on the ends of bones surfaces that covers synovial joints. Its principal function is to provide a smooth, lubricated surface for articulation and to facilitate the transmission of loads with a low frictional coefficient. Articular cartilage is endowed with elasticity and at the same time of resistance, and it allows the joints to slide protecting them, at the same time, from frictions. As the natural shock absorber of our joints, cartilage performs amazing things every day, even though it does not even have blood vessels. Nutrients only get from the synovial fluid to the cartilage tissue by passive diffusion (the molecules' own movement), so that a high supply of nutrients must be ensured for an optimal supply.

Most important, articular cartilage has a limited capacity for intrinsic healing and repair. In this regard, the preservation and health of articular cartilage are paramount to joint health. With aging, however, the cartilage undergoes degenerative processes. At the same time, intense sports and overweight can be risk factors for early cartilage wear. When the cartilage is damaged, its protection action on joints may be compromised, leading to joints diseases or injuries.

During or after physical activity, furthermore, cartilage elasticity and resistance may be limiting factors for the function of synovial joints, which may impair or limit the performance of athletes or sport lovers.


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