The achievement ACTEN®

Preamble FORTIGEL® is a scientifically tested ingredient for cartilage regeneration. ACTEN® combines all active nutrients in a gel solution that enables optimum transport through the digestive system. The process of absorption of vital substances with ACTEN® is similar the digestion of fruit and vegetables. The gel enables highly effective absorption by gradually releasing the nutrients over an extended period of time.

Why a Gel Supplement

The active Nutrients are suspended or dissolved in the gel matrix and therefore enable quick passage through the stomach which greatly minimizes the risk of stomach discomfort. Well prepared for absorbance the nutrients arrive in the intestinal tract to pass into the metabolism. The gel matrix enters as an indigestible fiber in the digestive process and can help to support the intestinal peristalsis. The consequent natural formulation and the absence of any color, preservatives and fillers highlight the outstanding premium quality of the 25g gel-packs (equivalent to a daily serving). Berry.En® Gel Supplements are not only natural and very well tolerated but have a pleasant taste. It’s a convenient and efficient way to get nutrients the body needs on a daily basis.


ACTEN® is a natural gel supplement containing 10g pure Fortigel® Collagen Hydrolysate of the highest German quality. Collagen Hydrolysate has a special amino acid profile consisting of about 20 amino acids and is the only protein that contains Hydroxyprolin and Hydroxylysin.

Numerous international studies confirm that the cell metabolism of the articular cartilage can be stimulated systematically and the new synthesis of cartilage tissue can be encouraged. An intense strain of the joints is not only noticed among extreme athletes, but occurs in all population classes.

The new generation of Fortigel® Collagen Hydro- lysate used in ACTEN® supplies the necessary amino acids to regenerate the strained articular cartilage. Like that, the joints are protected through targeted nutritive substances.

Arthosis is a wide-spread disease

According to a National Health Survey carried out by Robert-Koch-Institute every fourth among Ger- man adults suffers from painful joint problems. Due to the demographic development the number of people affected will rise tremendously in the years to come, according to experts. Preventive measures to avoid arthritic diseases have high priority, also because of the high cost involved for the health system. Apart from the high cost arthritis also causes a loss of vitality for many people.

Important progress in research about arthrosis

Scientists of the Collagen Research Institute (CRI) in Kiel, in cooperation with the University Kiel could prove the stimulating effect of special bioactive col- lagen peptides (Fortigel®) in a cell experiment. These results were presented at the congress of osteoarthritis research Society International (ORSI) in Montreal by CRI. The results found by CRI are an explanation model for the results of a study carried out by Harvard Medical School and Tufts Medical Centre which was also presented at the Congress. With a special technique it could be demonstrated that Fortigel stimulates the cell metabolism in the articular cartilage and like that encourages the growth of new cartilage tissue. Fortigel is a special combination of pure, bioactive collagen peptides.

The regeneration of cartilage tissue through ACTEN® collagen peptides has been proven

Scientists of CRI in cooperation with the university Kiel could demonstrate the stimulating effect of Fortigel® directly on the cells of the cartilage tissue with the help of molecular-biological and protein- chemical methods. “We could prove that Fortigel®, apart from the synthesis of Type II Collagen, also encourages the growth of Aggrekan, a special proteoglycan which plays an important role for the cartilage function “. This proves that the application of bioactive collagen peptides stimulates the new synthesis of the extra- cellular cartilage matrix.

Cell experiment confirmed by Harvard/Tufts Study

The cell-experimental test of the CRI confirms the result of an actual clinical study carried out by Harvard Medical Scholl and Tufts Medical Centre. CRI could definitely prove the increase of proteoglycan through Fortigel®. The Harvard / Tufts study has proven the proteoglycan synthesis and with that the regenerating effect of Fortigel® on the articular cartilage through an objective pictorial procedure. Like that the results of the two studies complete one another. The double-blinded placebo controlled Harvard/ Tufts study on 30 patients with knee-joint arthrosis showed a significant regeneration of the cartilage tissue on test persons of the Fortigel® group. In the placebo group, however, the decrease of cartilage was progressing further. The scientists of Harvard/ Tufts managed to prove these structural changes in the cartilage tissue with the help of a pictorial technique, the so-called GEMRIC which can accurately define the density of proteoglycan in the cartilage through a dose of contrast medium. The result of the study shows a significant increase of proteoglycan after a treatment with Fortigel® and confirms once again the test results of CRI.

The treatment of arthrosis

“New chances for the treatment and prevention of arthrosis arise from the targeted influence on the cartilage metabolism“. Unlike analgesics and anti- rheumatic agents which only relieve concomitant symptoms, Fortigel® offers the possibility for an alimentary causal therapy for the first time. The CRI Kiel was founded in 2003 as an independent research institute. Their activities are mainly concentrated on investigating degenerative changes of the connective tissue and on developing supplementary therapies for arthrosis, osteoporosis and wound healing. Since its foundation the main target of the activities is to search for the effect of collagen peptides on the extracellular matrix of the articular cartilage. CRI cooperates with scientist’s word-wide.

Fortigel® and degenerative joint diseases

the latest results have proven that Fortigel® has a positive influence on arthrosis. New possibilities for the treatment of arthrosis and its prevention arise due to the fact that the growth of cartilage can be influenced. Unlike common painkillers or anti-rheu- matic agents which only relieve the pain caused by arthrosis and accompanied by inflammations, For- tigel® offers the chance to treat the cause of the problem.