Marinova Headquarter

Innovative marine biotechnologies

Marinova is a progressive biotechnology company focussed on the research, development and manufacture of high purity fucoidan compounds.
Founded in 2003 in Australia and now established as the leader in its field, Marinova is recognised globally for the quality and efficacy of its fucoidan products. Known as the fucoidan experts. They are also renowned for their commitment to innovation in all facets of their business, from sustainable harvesting practices and advanced manufacturing technologies through to the research, development and validation of their products.

Their aqueous Maritech® extraction process generates high purity fucoidan compounds without the use of harsh chemicals, solvents or high temperatures. The result: a portfolio of highly characterised, nature-identical fucoidan ingredients with superior bioactivity.

Marintech Organic Fucoidan powder
Scientists and experts in the field of Brown Algae Extract

The standing of their products is testament to the quality of the science upon which they are based.

This combination of scientific acumen and unique manufacturing technologies has been instrumental to their success. Marinova stands alone as the only producer of clinically proven, high purity, certified organic fucoidan extracts.