Ligaments and joints in football: the best prevention

More and more football players, even young ones, are suffering from injuries related to joints and ligaments, and prevention is one of the most effective ways to try to limit and reduce this situation.

Slides, changes of direction and contrasts are part of a football player’s daily routine. Often these elements combined with high workloads and high intensity can lead to more or less serious injuries, one of the most frequent being the tear of the anterior cruciate ligament. According to the Philadelphia Health Center, the number of operations worldwide due to this type of trauma has increased by 400% in the last 10 years, and in Italy there are about 150,000 injuries each year, most of which involve athletes. In addition, according to a study by FIFPRO (International Federation of Professional Footballers), 35% of former footballers over 40 years old suffer from knee arthrosis, which is very significant considering that the percentage for non-footballers in the same age category is between 8% and 13%. This study also showed that soccer players are 2.5 times more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis in their knees and to have serious injuries during their career.

Ronaldo, Totti, Xavi, Gattuso, Baggio, Shearer are just a few names on a long list of football players who have had to be out of action due to torn ACL.

“I take it as a new challenge, a new battle to win. I’m bummed, but you have to look ahead: I’ve won many challenges, I’ll win this one too.”

(Gennaro Gattuso).

These are the words of the former AC Milan midfielder after tearing his ACL in 2008. The player faced the operation with the same determination that had distinguished him on the field and also managed to return to play before the end of the season and win the last Scudetto with the Rossoneri two years later. Gattuso’s example is one of the most virtuous, he did not let the injury get him down and worked hard to become a 100% winner again. Unfortunately, not all football players have had the same stubbornness and luck as the Milan midfielder, others have had to give up and have had to quit soccer due to countless injuries throughout their career, one of them being ‘O Fenômeno’ Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima.

Prevention is one of the weapons that can and should be used to their advantage by football players, knowing how to train in the right way, knowing how to manage the pace, but above all integrating training with rest and supplements that allow you to have benefits in the long term and reduce the possibility of various types of injuries. Acten is an all-natural food supplement for the joints and ligaments of sportsmen and women and is a stable product in other sports where the strain on these parts of the body is very marked, such as running and skiing.

Supplementing Acten on a daily basis along with good rest and training will be the winning combination for any sportsman who wants to achieve the best while protecting his body from injury.

Acten: your best companion!

Acten is made up of natural ingredients, which have various properties. The primary focus is on reducing inflammation in the affected part of the body and then offering various benefits in the medium to long term.

What is Acten’s secret formula?

There are four ingredients that make up Acten’s ‘magic formula’, all of which are natural and of high quality to guarantee the benefits provided to athletes in the best and most effective way possible:

  • Brown Seaweed Extract. Fucus Vesiculosus is the technical name of the secret ingredient within the Hydroidan Formula. Brown seaweed is extracted from the coasts of Nova Scotia in Canada because it has a high level of purity, which is necessary to benefit from all the product’s properties. Brown seaweed has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It also reduces fatigue and promotes the elimination of toxic substances from the body, such as toxins or harmful chemicals.
  • Collagen peptides. These are one of the most effective ingredients in Acten. Collagen peptides provide the nutrients needed to activate the formation of collagen within your body. In addition, because they are very similar to the collagen produced by the body, they are very easy to absorb.
  • Vitamin C. Offers many benefits. As an antioxidant, it protects the body from free radicals and strengthens the immune system. It also stimulates the body to produce collagen, which is essential for cartilage elasticity.
  • Zinc. Zinc helps maintain bone health and protects cells from oxidative stress. The body cannot produce zinc on its own, so it needs to be supplemented with food.

So what would you recommend?

Supplement your training with rest periods that allow your body to recover from fatigue in the best possible way. Finally, add to all this a good nutritional supplement that allows you to have optimum medium to long term benefits for your ligaments, joints and body.

Acten AG – The superhero from Switzerland

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