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Into the Great Wide Open

The appeal of hiking is easy to see, it’s jam-packed with inspiring challenges, exhilarating descents, inviting climbs and breathtaking views. If you’re at your happiest walking through lush landscapes or scaling mountains that provide a heart-soaring and majestic backdrop then, who can blame you?


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Don't let your aches pull you down - take Acten

So, you’ve got the sense of adventure, stamina and navigation skills needed to go scrambling over steep rocks for hours and days at a time. But have you added ACTEN HYDROIDAN® PRO formula to the supplies in your backpack? Injuries, in particular joint injuries, are part and parcel of hiking and it’s our job to keep you on the right track.

Feel the Difference

Have you had problems with your joints before, or do you just want to make sure that your body stays in tip-top condition for the trek ahead? Either way, take ACTEN's revolutionary HYDROIDAN® PRO formula and experience the difference. This innovative gel not only tastes good but it delivers the goods, too. Made from high-quality brown algae extract and super-strong collagen peptides, ACTEN boosts natural cartilage health and supplies the body with important vitamins and minerals. The only thing left for you to do is to keep on keeping on.