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Unlocking Golf Potential

Golf is one of the most popular, well-received sports worldwide. A game of strategy, coordination and accuracy. And a round of golf is not just an escape from the hassles of day-to-day life, but it’s also excellent for physical fitness for people of all ages. It keeps the heart rate up, the mind alert, and can be fiercely competitive – if you want it to be.


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When compared to more energetic activities like tennis and running, golf may seem like a low-risk injury sport. However, it still provides enough physicality to keep the muscles working hard. These muscles get tired and with the rotational stresses of swinging a club around, they can place considerable pressure on the spine. Neck, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow problems can also arise from long practice sessions out on the green.

ACTEN keeps you Active

Our main priority is to maximize your potential and reduce your time on the sidelines. ACTEN HYDROIDAN® PRO formula is a perfectly pre-portioned, innovative and handy gel that helps breathe new life into your tired joints. It might not guarantee a hole-in-one but it sure will make a huge difference to the way you feel. ACTEN boosts natural cartilage health and supplies the body with all the important vitamins and minerals you need.

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Unlock Your Golf Potential