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On Top of the World

As a serious climber, you know there is nothing in this world quite like conquering a rock face. The experience is hard to put into words, but once you’re at the top looking down on creation, it’s an incredible feeling.


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Don't let your aches pull you down - take Acten

The views are breathtaking, and your sense of achievement is immense. All those hours of meticulous practice and preparation have paid off. You’ve reached the top. However, it’s often when you’re tired and abseiling back down that injuries can bring proceedings to a screeching halt. With ACTEN we have developed a product that puts all those aches and pains to bed.

Knowledge, Nerve and Nutrition

The drive and ambition to do something that pushes you, that you love – is still there, but your body is just not responding they way it should. This is where the active ingredients in ACTEN HYDROIDAN® PRO formula go to work, targeting inflammation and boosting your immune system. Brown algae extract and collagen hydrolysate provide the nutrients necessary for healthy cartilage, and vitamin C and zinc bolster your bones, leaving you pain-free and ready for another epic climb.