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Push the Boundaries

Mountain biking is a fun way to exercise, connect with nature and master high-adrenaline challenges. And while you might have the balance, confidence, momentum and ability to navigate around—or over—obstacles, true downhill daredevils know the fun really starts when you are pushed to your very limits.


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Don't let your aches pull you down - take Acten

Unfortunately, huge descents over glaciers, moorland, rocky singletracks and forest trails are physically challenging, and as bikers you will face more than your fair share of injuries. This is frustrating for the fiercely competitive – you don’t need that swelling, pain and soreness slowing you down. So how can you speed up the healing process?

Revitalize and Rehabilitate

At ACTEN our goal is to rehabilitate you and return you to your bike as soon as possible - we realize you are eager to compete, explore and reach your full potential. With ACTEN you don’t need to let tired joints hold you back. Our revolutionary HYDROIDAN® PRO formula helps bring your immune system back to full strength. It reduces inflammation and is chock-full of the essential nutrients your joints need to be pain-free for a long time to come.